This Page dedicated to ©MIAO my character. A cute black kitten born from my imagination, my love for animals and from the memory of my 4-legged friend when I was a child: it represents freedom, love, enthusiasm, independence and the desire to realize dreams. I create for passion and to give emotions: MIAO is in love with life and behaves exactly like real cats; browsing and playing. Each pictures is published in an article with explanation: one a week every Friday.

MIAO Gallery

By Artellamilly.



MIAO nr 13
Che i tuoi sogni si possano avverare. https://paintingbyartel.photos/2019/01/18/miao-nr-13
miao nr 12
Miao and me Visit the article: https://paintingbyartel.photos/2019/01/10/miao-nr-12


miao 11 epifania
La Befana vien di notte e l’Epifania tutte le Feste porta via, tranne i regali. Articolo del 4 gennaio Miao nr 11 in home page.




Miao nr 10
E’ passato il Cenone e’ pieno il mio pancino, ora voglio fare solo un riposino.
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